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About Me

My name is Ahmed Shaheen.

Born on 3rd June, Egypt.

In 2008, I got my university degree in Computer Engineering. Before that, I was and still an open source geek who adopted Linux operating system in 2003 as main operating system for work and personal use. At that time, Linux was mainly focusing in server environments, that’s why many people at that time didn’t give it a try as desktop OS. I started then to copy different Linux distributions like Red Hat 9 (last free Red Hat linux distros, later became Fedora) and Mandrake (later its name changed to Mandriva)  on CDs and distribute these CDs for free in my university. Honestly, at that time little people thought that Linux will have a good future as an OS, but no one believed that it will became a dominant operating system for servers as it’s now, but I believed on that (This site is running on Linux Operating System).

I have learned many programming languages, but my favorites for now is Java and Typescript (Angular).

For Java, I prefer Spring Framework. I used J2EE but I didn’t like it too much. I like Angular  and I think that it has a promising future.

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